Cardboard Boat

Inspired by an episode of the Beautiful Anonymous podcast, I tackle the world of millennial unemployment. What's in store for those of us that have worked our butts off and got the degree, but still have no job?

High School Budget Project

What happens when you leave a bunch of high school seniors, without any guidance, to make a monthly budget? See how one economics project can stuck with me for a decade and has informed how I handle money.

Hashtag Your Money Reality

What story do your social media posts tell about your financial security? Are beautiful photos on friends' Instagram feeds making you wonder how they're affording their rich lifestyles? I say, let's get real. Hashtag your money reality!

Miss Thrifty's May 2016 Net Worth

Do you track your net worth? Add up all of your assets (+) and your liabilities (-). Track as Miss Thrifty shares her humble net worth each month; she's tackling student loan debt on a measly teacher's salary.

The Power of Longitudinal Net Worth Tracking

After tracking my net worth (assets-liabilities) for four years using, I'm now worth 150%+ more than when I started. Even on a modest teacher's salary, I've watched my net worth steadily increase, from deep red to green. There is enormous power in seeing where you've been and where you're going.

Consignment Store Rip-Off

If you're like me, you've cleaned your closets and tried to sell your unwanted clothing at a consignment store. The problem? They never offer enough... what a rip-off! Here's an easy system for selling your clothes online and avoiding the Plato's Closet / Clothes Mentor disappointment. Plus, here's a $10 credit toward your first order if you're more spendy than thrifty!

Never Run Out

Starting a stock pile is a rich habit I learned from my millionaire parents. By buying when items are at a lower price point, you can save big and surround yourself with abundance. #pantrygoals

My iPhone Mistake

With the newest technology at our fingertips, sometimes reckless device purchasing happens even to the thriftiest of us. Learn from my mistakes and pick an affordable device, insure it well, and keep it safe.

College Tuition Crisis

New legislation and a budget deficit could mark the end of one state's generous college tuition assistance program. Don't think that government programs will be there for you when you "want," "need" or "deserve" them.

A Thrifty Engagement

We bucked tradition and big name jewelry stores to score a quality ring for cheap! We paid 95% less than the average couple does for an engagement ring and couldn't be happier. Here's how and why we went for a thrifty engagement.

The Joneses

Think Americans are obsessed with Keeping Up With the Kardashians? No, the much bigger threat is Keeping Up With the Joneses. How easily influenced are you? Do you sometimes fall prey to your friends' unintentional marketing ploys?