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Meet Miss Thrifty and Mr. Spendy

Meet Miss Thrifty and Mr. Spendy

Once upon a time a scrimp-and-saver, Miss Thrifty, was struck by Cupid's arrow and fell for Mr. Spendy, a earn-and-burner.

After several years in a "honeymoon" phase, Miss Thrifty demanded that Mr. Spendy be more transparent about his finances. 

What? You really think it’s okay to carry a credit card balance?!

No emergency fund?! What if you blow a tire or get laid off?

An ATM fee? People still pay those?

Two financial philosophies collided. Miss Thrifty realized that although Mr. Spendy had some habits she wanted to break, her financial life wasn't exactly in order either with student loan debt and an embarrassingly low 401k balance. Miss Thrifty got off her high horse of a 6-month emergency fund and 800+ credit score to realize that they both had areas for improvement.

Together, they're slashing expenses, earning more, slaying student loan debt, building up cash reserves and beginning to save for a home.

Join Miss Thrifty and Mr. Spendy as they combine finances and accumulate wealth!


Meet Miss Thrifty
27, teacher

Meet Mr. Spendy
28, information technology

Miss Thrifty's January 2016 Net Worth

Miss Thrifty's January 2016 Net Worth