• Chase Checking: Miss Thrifty and Mr. Spendy both use Chase and love it for the ease of the person-to-person payment system, Quickpay (love it for splitting shared costs quickly and evenly, see Living Together? Combine Budgets. Being such a large national bank, you're never too far from an ATM (because Miss Thrifty refuses to pay ATM fees).
  • CapitalOne360 Savings: Miss Thrifty has had this account since 2006 and got Mr. Spendy to sign up, too. The interest of this online account (.75% APY) is higher than you'd find at your traditional bank. We both love the fact that you can open sub accounts to track different goals. For example, "Emergency Fund" and "Car Fund."


  • Mint: Our favorite online budgeting tool! We love Mint so much that we have an account where we track expenses together in addition to our individual accounts. The app is solid, too. 

Cable Cutting:

  • Netflix: Long-time Netflix fans, here. We watch mostly for the binge-watch-worth streaming series available.
  • Hulu: The best alternative to cable TV. We've rediscovered old favorites like CSI, Project Runway, RuPaul's Drag Race (clearly, all selections by Miss Thrifty).
  • Amazon Instant Video: Besides free 2-day shipping, this is one of the main selling points for our Amazon Prime account. Downton Abbey, Transparent, so many great shows.
  • HBOGo: We've actually always just commandeered a friend or relative's account. More recent movies and unbeatable TV series.
  • Roku: We use the Roku to access all of our subscription streaming services. It has a prettier graphic user interface than the Apple TV and the remote is harder to lose than the Apple TV remote. You may think it's silly, but those are two major selling points for Miss Thrifty. 

Grocery apps: More details in this post.